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Posted by March 5, 2014

Drawing an elephant on Google Images.


Sleeping dogs

Posted by September 1, 2013

Elsie and my parents’ dog Lottie, at night in the kitchen.  Because she is my dog, Elsie gets a better basket.


Elsie asleep

Posted by May 14, 2012

Dog sleeping.


Posted by April 25, 2012

Various things including lots of work, getting engaged and trying to address the garden before it takes over Hackney have kept me from my blog.  Here is a picture I just did of the latest thing to occupy my time – our puppy Elsie, who is meant to be a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu cross but looks nothing like the latter.  This is her favourite spot, against the radiator in my study.  Peace comes at last.

Big fish & Little fish

Posted by February 28, 2011

I posted this card when I first began this blog, which was also before I had Photoshop, so it wasn’t the best quality image.  I wanted to improve on that and tidy it all up a bit, as I quite like it and wanted to add it to my Illustration page.  Little Fish is sadly no longer with us, but Big Fish is still going strong and is having some crazy times on my website’s front page.  You can view the card much closer by clicking on it and then clicking again to zoom in.


Blue rodent

Posted by February 17, 2011

Indulge me.. this is after all a blog for craft as well as art.  This is my first attempt at amigurumi crochet.  It’s meant to be a hamster but its lack of feet disturbed me, so I added a tail.  I have no idea what it is now.

Christmas and the living is cosy

Posted by December 29, 2010

here and there

Posted by December 14, 2010

Nelson’s column and some animals.


Posted by November 12, 2010

Well there’s not a lot happening on the blog at the moment.  I have quite a big commission on, which is great, but sketching is definitely on the back seat.  I’ll post the piece I’m working on in the new year once the recipient has been given it as his present.. for now here’s a quick sketch from Trafalgar Square.  I love the lions there, it feels like at any moment they might take a chunk out of one the tourists who sit on them and stick their hands up their noses.  Will try to show the blog a bit more love in the upcoming weeks.

Intermittent sketching

I’m not sketching at full throttle at the moment; life has been pretty busy but that’s no excuse.  Looking for a job makes me feel guilty if I do anything else.. it’ll only be part-time though, so I can devote the rest of my week to the pursuit of all things arty.

That was some sketching while at the British Museum the other week, at an exhibition on the Printed Image in China.  And a carved oak figurehead thought to be from a Roman/Germanic ship.  I shudder at the intentions of a ship with something so monstrous on the front.  It’s beautifully carved and still has an air of menace about it.

Freesias in London while I kill time waiting for my man to fly home to me, and lilies in Wales.