For the time being..

Posted by March 9, 2017

..I’ll be posting on Instagram.  See you over there!

Pub sketches

Posted by October 19, 2016

Some sketches from the pub, at a meetup group where you draw each other (handily).  I have this really cool new Moleskine with a concertina structure, hence the lack of break between pages.


Michael Kors storyboard

Posted by August 26, 2016

Storyboard for Mario Testino, this time for Michael Kors.  I really need to think of a use for the storyboard artist on location… ad here, full boards here.


Burberry Black

Posted by August 25, 2016

I’ve been doing some storyboarding for Mario Testino!  Obviously I am thrilled to get the work, let alone the insight into the working practices of such a great creative mind.  This is the first campaign I worked on, back last year – Burberry Black, full board here and ad here.. I even ended up on a shoot (there was some good food there I can tell you).


Slimfast storyboard

Posted by August 13, 2016

Featuring Alexandra Burke.  I used Copic markers for shading on this job, slightly different look to my usual work.  Full boards here.

Fens sketching

Posted by August 12, 2016

Some fenland sketching.

Fens-3 Fens-4

O2 More For You

Posted by August 11, 2016

I’ve been a bit slack at updating my portfolio recently!  Here are some storyboards for the recent O2 More For You campaign.  Click the picture to see the full board.


The Fens

Posted by August 2, 2016

I’ve been doing some landscape painting recently.  I live on the Fens and for some reason I am compelled to paint the landscape, even though there basically isn’t any (it’s almost completely flat).  The skies are where the landscape’s at but they’re very challenging; solution: scribble with paint brush in irritation.

2nd go.



Posted by May 31, 2016

I’ve just been on Deborah Baynes’s pottery course in Suffolk.  From the road outside their house you can look across the Orwell to where Maersk etc. container ships dock at Felixstowe.  I have a thing for container ships so this was pretty exciting.  According to our hosts, Rotterdam and this port are the only european ports than can take the really enormous ones.


Wisteria while waiting for my new bike to be prepared (currently the only person in Cambridgeshire without one)/ hanging out in Brighton.


Train 18.7.15

Posted by May 23, 2016

A sketch from last summer of my first train ride to London as owner of small child.  It was total heaven to be able to sit and draw for a while.

Train 18.7.15_