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For the time being..

Posted by March 9, 2017

..I’ll be posting on Instagram.  See you over there!

Pub sketches

Posted by October 19, 2016

Some sketches from the pub, at a meetup group where you draw each other (handily).  I have this really cool new Moleskine with a concertina structure, hence the lack of break between pages.


Fens sketching

Posted by August 12, 2016

Some fenland sketching.

Fens-3 Fens-4


Posted by May 31, 2016

I’ve just been on Deborah Baynes’s pottery course in Suffolk.  From the road outside their house you can look across the Orwell to where Maersk etc. container ships dock at Felixstowe.  I have a thing for container ships so this was pretty exciting.  According to our hosts, Rotterdam and this port are the only european ports than can take the really enormous ones.


Wisteria while waiting for my new bike to be prepared (currently the only person in Cambridgeshire without one)/ hanging out in Brighton.


Train 18.7.15

Posted by May 23, 2016

A sketch from last summer of my first train ride to London as owner of small child.  It was total heaven to be able to sit and draw for a while.

Train 18.7.15_

Train 10.5.16

Posted by May 20, 2016

On the train to London for work, musing over my recent troubles with sketching.  I worry that storyboarding has made me too impatient to handle a longer drawing.

Train 10.5.16_

Urban sketching

Posted by May 19, 2016

A sketch of William Pitt, in Pembroke College, Cambridge.


It was way too cold for the allotted 2hrs of drawing; after managing that one I produced worse and worse work until I gave up and went off for hot chocolate.  I am clearly a fair weather sketcher.  Also I do get a bit bored drawing buildings, even though I love looking at them when someone else does them.

Hot choc_

Loch Lomond

Posted by September 9, 2014

Phew, I’ve had no space left on my website but have now moved to my friend’s server at Technosiren and can finally update it.  Husband and I went to Loch Lomond for a week earlier in the summer, here are some sketches:

Loch Lomond 1_

Loch Lomond 3_

Loch Lomond 2_

Life drawing

Posted by March 14, 2014

There are some handy life drawing sites out there, one of which is  You can set it to give you gesture exercises (where you get 30-60 seconds per drawing) which is great for improving your focus and getting down the main shapes.  In the absence of having somebody naked to hand, I’m doing about half an hour every morning to keep my practice up.  Another blog I follow is  He’s a wildlife artist and there are some excellent tutorials on there.  One of his suggestions is to draw a box around the main body of the animal – it’s kind of an alternative to measuring out the scale.  I’ve been using it with life drawing and it not only helps but is so much more enjoyable than holding your pencil out, which takes me back to school art classes and not in a good way.  You can then follow that with the points system (where you map out the points on the body).  Here’s a pic from this morning using that method.



Posted by March 5, 2014

Drawing an elephant on Google Images.