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Pub sketches

Posted by October 19, 2016

Some sketches from the pub, at a meetup group where you draw each other (handily).  I have this really cool new Moleskine with a concertina structure, hence the lack of break between pages.


Life drawing

Posted by March 14, 2014

There are some handy life drawing sites out there, one of which is  You can set it to give you gesture exercises (where you get 30-60 seconds per drawing) which is great for improving your focus and getting down the main shapes.  In the absence of having somebody naked to hand, I’m doing about half an hour every morning to keep my practice up.  Another blog I follow is  He’s a wildlife artist and there are some excellent tutorials on there.  One of his suggestions is to draw a box around the main body of the animal – it’s kind of an alternative to measuring out the scale.  I’ve been using it with life drawing and it not only helps but is so much more enjoyable than holding your pencil out, which takes me back to school art classes and not in a good way.  You can then follow that with the points system (where you map out the points on the body).  Here’s a pic from this morning using that method.



Posted by September 1, 2013

A portrait of my friend’s daughter Sophie.  I thought there was something very sweet and gentle about her which I was trying to capture.





Posted by September 6, 2012

A pencil drawing of my friend’s daughter, Orlanda.

Liverpool win on aggregate

Posted by January 26, 2012

Rich watching the match last night.  His posture during Liverpool games alternates between this, tense and waiting to spring, to sprung and screaming at the TV; this applies to both good and bad results.  He felt it was important the score was added to the picture but I’m not sure it would be there if Man City had won.

Richer V Loomis

Posted by November 14, 2011

I’ve been trying out a new method of getting people and heads down quickly, so there are a lot of figure drawing sketches lying around at the moment and not much else. Here are some androgynous folk..

I think I’ve found the perfect teaching combination in Andrew Loomis and Paul Richer, two great artists who wrote some classic texts on life drawing. Loomis was an illustrator of the 30s & 40s whose republished book Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth is full of advice for nailing the foundations of a person/picture. Richer was a 19th century doctor who put together Artistic Anatomy, a classic study of bones and muscles with the artist in mind.  Loomis’s advice can get quite specific to his time (women should be drawn with wide shoulders, narrow hips etc.) so I’ve adapted some of his techniques by cross-referencing with the more accurate Richer.

A couple of pages which pretty much represent what my sketchpad looks like at the moment..

I’m even more pleased with my combo having discovered they’re connected.  Richer was a professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where George Bridgman studied; Bridgman went on to teach many illustrious students, including Loomis and Robert Beverly Hale, at the Art Students League of New York.  Hale (whose books I also use) became a renowned life drawing teacher himself and in the 60s translated Artistic Anatomy into English, ‘not only the most complete but the most accurate of contemporary works on artistic anatomy.’ I love the way this story demonstrates the legacy of a good teacher, influencing not only future artists but future teachers too.


Posted by June 29, 2011

Some more life drawing.

Eliot, Orla & Magnus

Posted by June 8, 2011

Here’s another commission from just before we went to Greece. These are the children of a friend’s brother; his wife asked me to draw their portraits for his birthday.

First we have the head of the pack, Eliot:



























Here is beautiful Orla:



























And this is the adorable Magnus:

Life drawing

Posted by April 18, 2011

A selection from my last few weeks of life drawing.  It’s constantly challenging, but I love it.

Life drawing

Posted by March 1, 2011

Charcoal drawings from my new Monday night life drawing class.