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I got married in March, so I decided to design the invitations.  Our first venue was going to be a Greek restaurant, and I have a lot of love for Greece having studied there for many months.  After some research I took this metope from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia..


.. and took out Heracles, leaving Athena and Atlas.  I painted this..

..and got it printed up with a gatefold design, which once back from the printers looked like this:

invite_ closed invite_

The ceremony itself was at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, so I painted this as well (it’s a view of the Pavilion)..


.. and included it in the mail-out.  The ceremony invitation was on the other side with a dragon, which I copied from the wallpaper in the room where we were to marry..


.. I like my dragon.  Anyway having done all that, the venue fell through with 3 weeks to go, so in a hurry we got these cards printed up for a 2nd mail-out –


– and had an amazing time at a restaurant overlooking the pier instead.  To be honest it was worth it though, any excuse to draw ancient greek people.

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