business card roughs

Posted by December 10, 2012

While sorting through some stuff over the weekend I came across all the roughs I did while trying to work what picture, out of all the possible pictures in the universe, I was going to put on my business card.  My starting point was that I wanted a person to be in it, and if possible an animal, and I wanted it to be quite vibrant.

One idea I had was to have the business card as one frame of a storyboard – everyone would be sent different frames and you’d have to visit my website to see the whole thing.  I was using so I could have up to 50 different images on one side of the card..

..the middle column of a woman and a bird was the idea I eventually went with.

Lots of faces with different backgrounds.

I kind of liked this playing card idea using a man and a woman..

..and one of the last stages before I got to the finished product.  The bird is a Cock of The Rock, a slightly comedy Andean cockerel-type creature.

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