Posted by August 8, 2012

My fancy Richard and I went to Berlin last week, for a friend’s wedding.  I’d never been and found the whole thing totally fascinating – it’s mad to see the Luftwaffe HQ and the Berlin Wall inside of one walking tour in one city centre.  There is so much to think about.  We weren’t in the city long but here are a few sketches.

Doodling while waiting for Rich at Gatwick.  I get quite bored of always drawing people from behind but now I’ve realised it’s a good time to do hair studies.  Yes!

Rich trying hard to relax..

The Berlin wall memorial at Bernauer Strasse, which is the place you must go to to really feel what it was like – Checkpoint Charlie is manned by part-time strippers and nothing there is authentic.  The sketch is of the outer wall, on the border with West Berlin.  They made many ‘improvements’ to the wall over the years, one of which was the cement tube on the top which made it very difficult to get over.  I’m standing drawing in the deathstrip, or no man’s land, and behind me is some remaining inner wall (bordering East Berlin).  I think it’s the only place you can still see both walls.  It’s such recent history, and now here we are wandering around it as tourists.

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