Back to Peru

Posted by May 13, 2010

Gancho, the bulldog in the hostel where we stayed on our return to the Ecuadorian mainland.  You couldn’t be too nice to him or he’d be after your leg.  And other passengers waiting in Lima airport, Peru, for our flight to Cusco.  Unfortunately we’re back with the dim photography..

Cusco, ancient capital of the Incas and 3400m above sea level, is a lovely place once you’ve stopped feeling like you’re going to pass out.  Our first hostel here was a wacky hippy creation in the artists’ quarter.  Stars and hearts hung from the ceiling and there were paintings of earth goddesses everywhere.  It was actually quite nice, but the bedrooms were too cold and uncomfortable for an 8 night stay, so we ended up moving.  Before we did I drew one of their cats.  The other page is of the English pub here (occupying myself while R watched the football).  My sketchbook has got a bit people/animal heavy – more interiors/views on the way…

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