Bolinda Vale

Posted by May 8, 2012

A friend commissioned me to paint this watercolour recently as a present for her in-laws; it’s of their farm in Australia.  This was actually one of the hardest jobs I’ve had; it may look simple but watercolours are a lifetime’s learning so there were a few trial runs!  I often use them but this was the first time as the primary medium (as opposed to the drawing being the focus); also there was a challenge in keeping the definition and features of a landscape that’s set into the distance.

The picture was drawn with diluted waterproof black ink and the dimensions are 7 x 23.5cm.  I find scanning doesn’t pick up the paler washes of my watercolours, I’m going to look into how to improve on that.  Having said that, I quite like that the transparency and delicacy of the medium is a bit beyond a clunky digitising machine.

Click on the image to see it bigger.

NB – you can see the roughs for this painting on my later post here.

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