It’s love

Posted by November 2, 2011

I discovered some amazing marker pens today, which would usually be the sort of thing I can’t justify spending the money on, but I was armed with a voucher from my v. generous ex-colleagues so it seemed the moment had to be seized.  They’re Tombow double-ended pens (brush/fine tip) and both the cut of the nib and the zinging colours make them awesome to draw with.  I’m definitely using them for storyboarding.

This is the page I was testing them on in the shop; at least two people tried to have a go as well when my back was turned thinking it was the communal pad of paper.. er no.  Anyway I like the confusion of colour – if I tried to plan a jumble like this it wouldn’t come out the same.


























Some more doodles once home (something about the blue girl reminds me of Tom Cruise).

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