Posted by May 31, 2011

Hello folks – I’m just back from a lovely 2 weeks in Greece.  Here’s a project I’ve been working on this Spring.   Some friends of mine from the wonderful art school I attended 5 years ago on the Greek island of Paros (the Aegean Center for The Fine Arts) returned there this May to be married.  The bride, Maria-Elena, is Greek, so the ceremony was the real Greek deal.  They commissioned me to make a map of the island and streetplan of the main town where we lived and studied (Parikia), with annotated illustrations of their favourite places.  The groom, Brett, a great writer, provided the words.

The finished item was printed as a double-sided A3 leaflet, a copy of which went to every guest.  Pictures and words were drawn out full-size in pen, painted with gouache and edited in Photoshop.  Click on the images to see them closer…

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