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Nike animation

Posted by – 28 April, 2009

I can’t stop watching this Nike ad.  Drawn by illustrator James Jarvis and animated by Richard Kenworthy.  For true appreciation watch it fullscreen on Vimeo.

Also while wandering around on YouTube I found this collection of videos of artists’ sketchbooks from the Moleskine City Notebook Exhibition 2006.  Sketchbook heaven – the one this links to, by stage designer & painter Stefano Faravelli, is kind of amazing.

Am also v impressed by this guy, Chris Dent. He is a patient man.  For more of these go here.


Posted by – 2 February, 2009

I am loving this website,  They’re a branding consultancy based in Glasgow, London and NYC and I think their work is beautiful – all clear and elegant.

Alta Pampa Books

Haunch of Venison

The Lighthouse

Chicago Spire Design

Posted by – 29 October, 2008

Hanging baskets in the hotel Daddy Long Legs, Cape Town.  If you’re going to visit this is the hotel you should stay in – every room was designed by a different artist.

Our room, which was designed by graffitti artist Mak1One..

Honestly it was really restful.