Marks & Spencer – Summer To Remember

This is a recent storyboard for the M&S 2012 Jubilee advert, directed by Martin de Thurah.  It shows a few key themes from the film, rather than how the action plays out – the ad is more of a fluid and atmospheric piece so a scene-by-scene treatment wasn’t appropriate.  The woman cutting the cake is Twiggy and the two ladies in the egg and spoon race are Myleene and Dannii!  There was a very tight turnaround on this job from Sunday afternoon to Monday lunchtime.

Originally  the boards were in colour, but the client came back to ask if they could be in grey.  I also had to make a few changes to the pictures.. looking at them now I think the sky would be better as a dark blue.  Anyway here they are (hallelujah for the Adjustments > Black & White option in Photoshop).

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