Funny Peculiar

A selection of illustrations from Will Young’s autobiography Funny Peculiar.  Each chapter begins with a small header illustration, followed by a large one further in to the chapter.  The book is mostly humorous, but there are more sombre bits too which I tried to reflect.  There’s some more about the job on my blog.

Here are a few chapter headings, followed underneath by some of the main illustrations.



















Smith, champion belly-flopper.

Despite coming out, Will was still having Backstreet Boys-style romantic videos suggested to him.

The difficulty of meeting the day when one is depressed.

Anna Wintour cheers as Will models Jesus-esque attire.

The Voice_

Rejected as a judge on The Voice.

The scary LA songwriter.  He thought he was just there for a chat.

The final illustration, bowing at the end of Cabaret.